Parent class: Rule-concept


Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
gender-criterion   SYMBOL No gender restriction Males only Females only 0:1  
upper-age-range-operator   SYMBOL < <= 0:1  
fertile-females-criterion "Whether females of child-bearing potential are included or excluded from the study population." SYMBOL Females of child-bearing potential INCLUDED Females of child-bearing potential EXCLUDED Not applicable 0:1  
upper-age-range-value "The value of the highest age allowed in the study population." FLOAT   0:1  
age-category-included "Age category from MeSH that best describes the study population." SYMBOL All Infants: birth-23 months All Children: 0-18 years All Adults: 19+ years Newborn: birth-1 month Infant: 1-23 months Preschool Child: 2-5 years Child: 6-12 years Adolescent: 13-18 years Adult: 19-44 years Middle Aged: 45-64 years Aged: 65+ years 80 and over: 80+ years 0:1  
lower-age-range-value "The value of the lowest age allowed in the study population." FLOAT   0:1  
lower-age-range-operator   SYMBOL > >= 0:1  
protocol-changes   Instance Protocol-change    
roles "Tells which class and slot will take instances of this class depending on the role of the instance. The format is (role OWNER-CLASS |owner-slot|) e.g., if this class is DATE and the instance's role is recruitment-start-date, (recruitment-start-date RECRUITMENT |start-date|) tells us that this instance of date should be the value of the slot |start-date| in an instance of class RECRUITMENT." SYMBOL   0:1  

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