Parent class: Population

Subclasses: All-subjects    Crossover-population    Study-arm-population    Subgroup-population   

Documentation: "The group of randomized participants whose data were collected and analyzed to reach conclusions about the experimental treatment."

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
median-cluster-size   FLOAT   0:1  
number-of-females   INTEGER   0:1  
mean-cluster-size   FLOAT   0:1  
population-name "A label for referring to this population. E.g., 'Control Group' or 'Amiodarone' or whatever." STRING   0:1  
individual-participants   Instance Trial-participant    
population-age "Age information for this population (as a continuous variable). If age is to be described categorically (e.g., 25% under age 50), then it should be described like any other baseline characteristic using ALL-TIME-X-COMPARISONS, etc." Instance Continuous-value 0:1  
number-of-subjects   INTEGER   0:1  
number-of-cluster-individuals   INTEGER   0:1  
max-cluster-size "Upper limit of range of cluster size" INTEGER   0:1  
population-description   STRING   0:1  
min-cluster-size "Lower limit of range of cluster size" INTEGER   0:1  
individual-population "Pointer to the population of individuals that corresponds to this cluster population" Instance Population    
number-of-males   INTEGER   0:1  
description-of-cluster-individuals   STRING   0:1  
protocol-changes   Instance Protocol-change    
roles "Tells which class and slot will take instances of this class depending on the role of the instance. The format is (role OWNER-CLASS |owner-slot|) e.g., if this class is DATE and the instance's role is recruitment-start-date, (recruitment-start-date RECRUITMENT |start-date|) tells us that this instance of date should be the value of the slot |start-date| in an instance of class RECRUITMENT." SYMBOL   0:1  

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