Parent class: Generic-datapoint


Documentation: "The numerators and denominators of the results of an outcome assessed at a particular timepoint. The denominators reflect the degree of followup and outcome assessment achieved in this trial. This class is used for both main and subgroup populations. Crossover population datapoints should use DATAPOINT-OF-CROSSOVER-POP."

Template Slots
Slot name Documentation Type Allowed Values/Classes Cardinality Default
denominator-population "The population on which this datapoint was assessed. E.g., the experimental group, or the subgroup of diabetics who were assigned the comparative intervention." Instance Analyzed-population 0:1  
intention-to-treat-results   Instance Outcome-value-entity 1:1  
efficacy-analysis-results   Instance Outcome-value-entity 0:1  
protocol-changes   Instance Protocol-change    
roles "Tells which class and slot will take instances of this class depending on the role of the instance. The format is (role OWNER-CLASS |owner-slot|) e.g., if this class is DATE and the instance's role is recruitment-start-date, (recruitment-start-date RECRUITMENT |start-date|) tells us that this instance of date should be the value of the slot |start-date| in an instance of class RECRUITMENT." SYMBOL   0:1  

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